Tester Call

Here is where you can sign up to be one of my pattern testers! Testing patterns is a serious business, so, please, only serious tester apply.
What is a Pattern Tester?
A pattern tester is simply a person who loves crochet and is willing to help a crochet designer go through a new pattern and scour for stitch or grammar errors.
Why Do I Test Patterns?
Even though I spend a lot of time writing, editing and reviewing my patterns, there are things that just slip by--that my eyes and brain simply don't see after reading through it so many times. Sometimes there are omissions, sometimes redundancies, sometimes weird or uncomfortable formatting, and sometimes simply typos. That's where you come in. My desire is to put out my patterns so that they are well-written, easy to understand and error-free. So I need extra eyes and hooks to help me do that. 
Why Become a Pattern Tester?
The answer is simple--to increase your crochet skills and gain more experience reading and deciphering a variety of patterns and techniques. You get to see my patterns before anyone else, too. After a test is completed, I send an updated, final pattern copy to your Ravelry library. And if you have a business (blog, Facebook business page, Instagram, etc.), there can be bonuses, too, as I often include pictures of your work in my promotion of the pattern so you get added exposure. It's a win--win.
What Skills Do I Need?
If you are ready to consider applying to become a pattern tester, please read these things that I look for in a good pattern tester...
  • Crochet experience  – All levels are welcome to apply but please be honest with your level of expertise.  It’s important to have a range of experience with testers.  This way I can be sure the pattern works well for everyone.
  • Familiar with reading a crochet pattern--the whole thing!--and terms used. My patterns are most often written in US terms, but occasionally UK.
  • Make a gauge swatch and adjust hook size according to the pattern.
  • Calculate yardage needed for a pattern and give feedback on how many yards were used.
  • Find grammatical errors and check for overall consistency of pattern format. (I love grammar police!)
  • Find pattern instruction errors and give feedback on how to correct the error.
  • Willing to give constructive feedback on the pattern and suggestions on how to make it better (I may or may not use your suggestions but all suggestions are appreciated without offense.)
  • A summary of your notes must be emailed within the given time frame highlighting all errors, changes and suggestions. 
  • Must have the ability to take good quality photos of the finished product and have them submitted by the deadline. 
  • Be available for testing when you agree to do so.  If testing results are not submitted by the deadline you will be removed from the group. Only accept those patterns you are able to complete in the given time frame. Many times, if the project is large and time is tight, I might ask for only a small portion of the project to be completed by the deadline and then you can finish the rest at your own pace.
  • Social sharing.  Must be willing to share your in-progress and finished work to Facebook, Instagram and as a Ravelry project (if it is not a secret project).  Your pics will also be shared to my social networks with your consent.  This helps us both to grow and showcase that my patterns are workable.
  • Previous pattern testing experience is preferred, but not required.
Apply to test a pattern here