Join yarn edges

Let's say your yarn ran out and now you want to join a new ball, what method should you choose? I'll tell you what I learned. For a long time I was looking for ways to join the edges without them being too visible. I tried a lot, but many times it also depends on the yarn we have. There are plenty of  methods such as the Russian join, magic knot, weavers knot, etc. I personally liked the magic knot and weavers knot because of the yarn that i use, but I will explain the most used methods below:

1. An easiest and quickest way to join yarn in crochet is to grab your new yarn and seamlessly continue crocheting. However it is not safe because it could come apart more easily. You have to weave in also. It is only good way if you are changing colors like in tapestry method or mosaic.


2. Russian join: this is a method of joining two strands of yarn or thread without the need for tying knots. This technique creates a seamless join that does not come undone during use or washing. It also eliminates the need to weave in ends, which can be time-consuming and tedious. To perform the Russian Join, first, thread one strand of yarn through a blunt needle. Then, unravel the end of the second strand for about 4 inches and thread it through the same needle. Next, fold both strands in half, with the needle in the middle, and twist them together tightly for about an inch. After that, insert the needle through the center of the twisted section and pull it through. Finally, trim off any excess yarn close to the join.

3. Weaver's knot: is a type of knot commonly used by weavers to tie off yarn when weaving. The knot is tied around two or more warp threads and is used to secure the weft thread in place. The weaver's knot is a simple, quick and secure knot to tie, making it ideal for use in weaving.

To tie a weaver's knot, the weaver first passes the needle and yarn under the warp threads. They then loop the yarn over their finger and pass it back under the warp threads. Next, they pull the yarn through the loop created by their finger and tighten the knot by pulling on both ends of the yarn.


4. Magic knot: The magic knot is a strong and reliable knot used for joining two edges together. It is easy to tie and untie. How you do it? Simple.

As image below shows overlap the two ends of the ropes to be joined. Then, take one end and create a loop around both ropes. Pass the end through the loop twice, making sure that the second pass goes in the opposite direction of the first pass. Repeat this process with the other end of the rope, passing it through the same loops in the opposite direction. Finally, pull both ends tight to secure the knot.




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